Getting to know each Other


  • Shake hand firmly: bắt tay thật chắc
  • Nod the head : gật đầu
  • shake the head: lắc đầu
  • say hello and smile
  • wave to each other: vẫy tay chào nhau
  • take off the hat and smile
  • bow slightly: cúi người xuông nhẹ
  • kiss on the check
  • kiss on both check
  • kiss on the forehead
  • ask about each other’s family
  • exchange business cards
  • talk about sports/politics/ economy…..
  • exchange a few comments about the weather/ the harvest
  • hug(embrace)
  • pinch the nose
  • pet the hair
  • give high fives each other
  • kiss on one hand
  • kiss on the eyes
  • touch each other’s shoulders
  • knee down
  • To show your respect
  • Shaking hand is a sign of respect/ a real welcome
  • We use title with the people in authority like governmental officials.
  • We don’t encourage multiphysical contact in our country.
  • Socializing is very important
  • We use the first name after we known each other for a while, otherwise we surname.
  • If I know you quite well, we kiss on the both checks.
  • We spend a lot of time asking about each other’s family.
  • If you insist, next time will be my time: Nếu bạn cứ khăng khăng lần sau sẽ là tôi trả.

About jackeychon

I'm a NIIT student. I like programming software, reading books.

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